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Planning the product

In the beginning, there is creativity and an idea, a drawing or the wish of a planner …
When this has been completed, our work starts!

Time and time again it is fascinating to watch the faces of the colleagues when a new project has been acquired and everybody is curious to see the drawings and bills of materials for the first time.

Even those employees who have a lot of experience and have worked in the field for a long time still feel the adrenaline when precision parts with tolerances in the range of 1/1000 mm are to be created from a piece of metal and a drawing.

In doing so, the error-free working of the machines and the love of perfection of every individual employee are of crucial importance.

All steps need to flow seamlessly into each other, programming has to be optimized, machines must be optimally exploited, deadlines must be set and met and everyone must be well experienced in his field of work so as to be able to effectively use his knowledge and skills.

Our reward is the exaltation we experience when the precision part has been completed and we have it in our hands before it is sent safely packed and in due time to the customer.



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